Friday, June 19, 2009

Life is an interruption

But, if you are smart about it and work around your own tendencies, even on wicked busy days you can get a workout in.  The tricks I've used this week are being flexible about the time of day, setting up my workout room in advance, and doing it the first thing upon arriving home.  I have done my workout in the evening.  I even got my mother to help me tidy up my room when I was driving home.  One night I did my yoga at 9 pm which is really late for me!  Also, before I left my work location (3 hours away) I put on my yoga clothes.  I'm not likely to go to bed without doing the yoga if I'm already dressed!  Thats what I mean by psyching my self out, I set my self up for success by working around my own personality.

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