Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Delayed Gratification

One of the other things that I delay is purchases.  I am currently in the job market.  I am delaying the purchase of a few non-essentials until I can purchase them without using credit.  I would like to purchase a lower mileage vehicle.  I would like to buy some of the Cathe Friedrich DVDs that I don't have yet.  I am on the 5 year plan to purchase Cathe's DVD collection.  I allow myself two purchases per year, one for Christmas and one for my Birthday.  They are gifts.  I would also like to buy a new computer to edit my audio, video and photos on.

I am grateful for my Cathe DVDs.  These are part of how I keep my sanity.  I love the use of exercise rather than prescriptions to bolster my mood and keep a lid on anxiety.  Exercise has been found (according to Dr. Oz) to be a more effective mood elevator than prescription drugs over the course of a year.  I am very glad that I did not elect to try prescription drugs before I tried exercise.  I do take fish oil.  I am under the impression that fish oil is not addictive.  I also understand that drugs like Paxil or Wellbutrin must be carefully reduced with the supervision of a medical doctor.  If stopped abruptly there are significant side effects.  

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