Friday, July 3, 2009

Week 1 of July

This morning I went out for a jog/walk.  I intended to just hike, but found myself jogging to stay in my THR on the flat portions of the course.  I'm good about not jogging downhill, I get into a kind of a crouch and just walk really fast.  I heard from a friend, that jogging downhill is really bad for the knees so I don't do that.  I am trying to remember to jog with my head up, I tend to want to look at my feet which encourages poor posture.  

My weight is slowly edging downwards, .2 pounds every two days.  I am happy with that progress, it means I am not losing too fast.  Quick weight loss is not always long term weight loss, and I am in it for the long haul.    I look slightly smaller.  However, I am retaining some water because I've had a bit more salt to help me avoid dehydration due to a bout of the flu I have had over the past two weeks.  Its less important to be slightly lighter on the scale than it is to be alive.  I choose to be alive and that only happens if the body remains hydrated.

Its hot.  The hair is dirty.  I only go out for less than an hour early in the day.  I aim for a 6:30 am jog.  I am considering shifting that to an earlier call time, more like 6 am.  For some reason, I really like the feeling of the toasty sunshine on my legs when I'm jogging.  It feels so good.  In contrast, I like the cool shade on my face.  

I need to find a non-irritating sunscreen.  My hat is not cutting it.  Most sunscreens burn my skin.  But, I'm getting burned by the sun and I'm very photosensitive.

Life is good.  I am staying focused on the positive.  I am focusing on the foods I do want in my body:
1. Plenty of healthy fats from coconut oil and olive oil.
2. Plenty of good protein from chicken, eggs, pork, and beef.
3. Plenty of leafy greens, squashes, cucumber, celery, and jicama.
4. Moderate amount of whole grains, steel cut oatmeal for example.
5. Calorie cycling.  4 low calorie days per week and 3 high calorie days per week.

I am staying focused on movement:
1. Cardio 5-6 cays per week 30-60 min. in my THR
2. Yoga 4 nights per week 20-60 min.
3. Interval training 3 days per week
4. Long slow burn aka steady state 3 days per week.
5. Strength training 1x per week.

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