Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"Eat like its your job."

I've forgotten who said that first.  Whomever they were was terribly smart.  It is important to eat frequently, properly and enough.  Even though I'm not really hungry yet, I'm snacking on some walnuts and left over roast chicken.  Its not easy to get a lot of calories in when they are all clean calories.  It takes a lot of good protein and healthy fats to make up the necessary calorie intake to avoid hibernation mode.  I've had what carbohydrate I will have for the day.  It was two slices of Sara lee Whole Wheat bread and 1 cup of black berries.  Yum!  

Why does a cloudy day make me want to sleep?  

I love cold, grilled chicken.  I had two left over pieces from Sunday night.  I grilled them outside.  They were so tasty.  

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