Sunday, March 29, 2009

One more thing,

I had to skip my circuit wo because my legs hurt from Friday's workout.  DOMS is short for delayed onset muscle soreness and I have that.


I'm swapping out chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips for five minutes of yoga style breathing.  I will be using this for times of stress.  I had an extreme moment on Friday.  That moment induced an egoic response out of myself which I am not entirely proud of however instead of lashing out at the person I was with I ate.  I am creating a behavior modification for that kind of situation.  I will excuse myself.  I will do 5 minutes of yoga style breathing.  1 minute deep breathing.  1 min. Left nostril shut, 1 min. rapid breath of fire, 1 min. right nostril shut, 1 minute deep breathing.  I am hoping that this substitution will have a good effect on my bottom line.  I don't really want the ice cream anymore.  I don't want to use it to help me cope.  I am switching out my coping mechanism.  Out with the chocolate.  In with the yogic style breathing.  

Saturday, March 28, 2009

100 Days of Exercise Challenge

I heard about this from Sandra Ahten.  I googled it and found the rules at motivation to move dot com.  They do allow for 1 or 2 days off each week.  I like the idea.  I don't typically have a problem with working out, so in a way this will be easy for me.  I am going to adapt it to include my PM strength/yoga routine because that has been the elusive part of my fitness regime.  So, I'm committing to both my AM and PM goals and I will use the 100 days challenge to my advantage, not just as it has been written for others.

So I will commit to 6 days a week of cardio.  At least two nights of strength (or more.) and 3 nights of yoga.  Night six can be a wild card, dance or some other workout.  I'm not really changing my rotation, I'm just rededicating myself to it.

Rotation for the week of March 30:

S  Circuit DVD
M Hike 2 miles, Wog 20 min.  Abs of Steel 1
T off,  Gary Bromley Yoga
W Hike 2 miles, Wog 20 min. Pyramid UB
T RS (plus risers) Pyramid LB
F Hike 2 miles, Wog 20 min.    Kathy Smith Yoga
Sa SB Yoga Today

Friday, March 27, 2009

Ice cream

Milk.  Yogurt.  All are dairy products and I'm considering giving them up for a little while.  My milk is used up.  I do have some yogurt left.  Its organic, whole milk, plain yogurt.  I'm switching from that probiotic source to just a probiotic pill.  That will lower my sugar intake which is always a good thing.  I am keeping the grapefruit in my diet per Sandra Ahten's suggestion.  I tried adding an apple into my diet yesterday.  I am also going back to calorie cycling because that seems to work for me.  Yesterday was my first low calorie day.  I will have another low calorie day today.  I stopped eating at 2 pm.  I had a home made chili which was soooo good and filling that I did not need more than one cup.  Its time to put into practice all of my weight shifting skills.  Its time to up my cardio to a blistering 60 minutes in my THR six times per week, use my yoga three nights a week, my strength training two nights a week, and my journal for soul reassurance.  Its time to keep my protein to 100 grams per day, my carbs to just 60 grams per day, and to eliminate what always causes weight gain (ice cream, cookies, cake, bread, potatoes, and fried chicken.)  Its time to be focused.  My goal is to now perform each step to the fullest without fail and to allow the weight to fall where it will.  

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Haagen Daz

Is in the freezer.  It will stay there until Sunday.  I will have exactly one serving at that time.  The other things in the refridgerator are: lettuce, cooked turkey, cucumber, grapefruit, strawberries, walnuts, cabbage, cooked beef, and hard boiled eggs.  In the store room is chicken broth, black beans, and tomato soup (organic.)  I bought some steel cut oats and quinoa.  I will be doing two weeks of probiotic support to repair the damage from my antibiotics.  I have a bladder infection.

This weeks rotation:
Sun Walk 3 miles, 1 hour yoga
Monday Step Reebok Gin Miller
Tuesday: off (blood draw)
Wednesday: Wog 1 hour, Kathy Smith Yoga
Thursday: Cathe step WO.
Friday: Wog, Gary Bromley Yoga
Sat: Cathe Step WO

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The last dance

Was today.  I have officially given up sweets.  I just had my last Haagen Daz.  I will skip the sweets for one year.  Until my next birthday.  I don't love the Holiday cookies that much so in an effort to no longer beat myself up.  I am giving up that which hurts me the most, sugar and grain.

I've given serious thought to Sandra Ahten's latest podcast about sugar addiction.  I'm limiting my eats to vegetables, good fats, lean protein, and just 1/2 cup of oatmeal per day.  I'm relying on the good fats for my calories.  

Life is good and its only going to get better when I stop hurting myself with the wrong nutrition.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Where did that come from????  I ate two pork chops at breakfast.  At lunch, I stopped at a Chinese Buffet.  I was good.  I only had one little cup of egg flour soup.  One plate of shrimp with vegetables and broccoli.  I had three teriyaki chicken skewers. A whole mess of steamed peppered white fish.  For dessert I grabbed 1/2 an orange and one little cup of chocolate ice milk.  Over all not bad.  Later I had 1/4 of a bagel with sesame seeds on it.  

I don't really want to eat out any more.  I only do it for the fish.  My mother has a fish allergy so I don't like to bring it home.  I don't want the oil in the air to cause an allergic reaction.  So far, her reactions have landed her in the hospital for three days.  I'm not willing to risk her life.  I think the sardine solution is a better choice.  It is less expensive.  Also, I can just take it with me and dispose of a can outside.  If I use a plastic fork (I know, not too green) and recycle it thats not a terrible result.  

I'm no longer entertained by commercial food.  Once you understand how sweets effect your body, it is no longer a truly fun thing.  I recognize it now as a quick fix solution.  

Off to my workout.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Have a ton of protein and no carbohydrate.  They are not expensive.  I got a can of in water sardines for 1.27 (on sale) yesterday at Trader Joe's.  I just ate them with 6 little triscuits.  I could have skipped the crackers.  Good to know.  I think I just found my on the go meal.  I love having fish in my diet.  It fills me up and the calorie load is low too.  Just 170 in the whole can.  Awesome!  And 19 grams of protein, again, awesome.  I think that a can of sardines, a fork, maybe a string cheese and an avocado would be a perfect lunch.  I'm holding my own at 176.4.  I'm working on keeping my carbs at about 60 grams a day.  And, I'm working on bumping up the protein.  I have a rice protein powder which is ok.  It doesn't taste good but it doesn't make me gag either.  

Happy slimming everyone!  Its nearly spring!