Sunday, February 8, 2009

What I am not willing to do.

I always learn things from my experience.  And over the past four weeks I have learned that these behaviors or things do not support my quest towards physical fitness.  

What I don't do:

Skip yoga.
Go too low on my carbs.  This lead to inappropriate food choices that back fired and resulted in a net weight gain of one pound.
Tell myself, No you can't ever have that!
Eat simple carbs.  This tends to make me hungry, irritable, and put on weight.
Use caffiene.  This gives me headaches and upsets my blood sugar.
Eat HFCS.  I know that people say if you control your portions that you can have this food stuff, the problem is that for my brain, it seems to disconnect that vital message from the stomach telling my brain that I have had enough.  I avoid this to avoid that over stuffed feeling.
Sweetened nuts/peanut butter lead to excessive eating and do not satisfy my hunger.
Eat hydrogenated oils.  This induces insulin resistance.  Over all, a bad idea.
Weigh in once a week.  I need more feed back because I waisted a week with a plan that didn't work and was really bummed out about it.
I tend to gain weight when I eat white foods, corn chips, potato chips, buttery crackers, biscuits, peanut butter cookies, and ice cream.  I only eat these foods when I want to feel hungry more, unsatisfied and I want to put on body fat.
I don't over train.  This just makes my life painful.  Ouchie!!!
Rest days are key.
Milk chocolate.  I mean seriously, why mess around with kid candy?  Go for the real stuff, the dark chocolate is for us grown up girls.

I highly suggest keeping a journal and tracking how foods and behaviors effect how you feel over time.  This is golden information.  Once you know what is going on with your mind, your body and your metabolism you then have the ability to make an informed choice.  There is nothing wrong with choosing a food for the sheer pleasure of it.  But, don't pick chips because you are hungry.  They won't satisfy you.  You will still be hungry 160 calories and about 20 grams of carbs later.  Pick something to solve the desire in you.  Is it a need for food?  Fill that with vegetables, protein and good fats.  Is it a need for entertainment?  Is it a need for comfort?  What would (as Sandra says) satisfy that?

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