Monday, February 9, 2009

Real Age

I have enjoyed Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen's books.  I have watched them on Oprah and on their own television shows, as well.  On Feb. 4 I received in my email box the Real Age newsletter and the topic was "This year, Make a new you happen."  They suggested 5 goals.

1. Trimming your waist.  
I am already working on that, however it does remind me to do my abdominal work.
2. Looking younger.  
For me that means watching the dairy intake because I get shiners and look like someone hit me in the face when I have dairy.
3. Stopping smoking.
I have never done this.  I was exposed to second hand smoke in college.  I do my best to avoid it.
4. Turning back the clock.
I don't know exactly which action to take to meet this goal.  I will have to consult their books again to find something new to add to my daily regimen.
5. Getting fit and firm.
I'm working on it, but if you read this blog, then you already know that about me.

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