Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I have an over abundance of insulin which when not absorbed behaves like testosterone and androgenizes my body.  I had increased my sugar intake a couple of weeks ago and I am paying the price, facial hair.  Ugh.  I had also decreased my testosterone blocker, saw palmetto, to an every other day dosage because it slows down my bowels.  I am going to use an increase in fiber to deal with my bowels and I will up my saw palmetto dosage.  I do recall that my doctors had told me that hormones are not dosed based upon one's body weight.  I had thought I could lower the dosage because my body weight is down 80 pounds.  Boy, was I wrong.  I hate facial hair.  That is the worst part of this condition.  Its the being mistaken for a dude or a transgendered individual (I don't have a problem with them.)  So, back to what I know works: Cardio 6x a week, Yoga 3x a week, Testosterone blocker, Psyllium fiber, only having my carbohydrate post workout because that is when my insulin receptors are wide open, and eliminating wheat.  I like to favor other sources for carbohydrate that carry more nutrients with them.  Lately, I have been trying grapefruit for its mood elevating properties.   

Continuing:   cardio, yoga, 
Adding: more saw palmetto, psyllium fiber, daily dose of fish oil, increasing evening primrose oil.
Subtracting: Wheat (I have 6 slices of the sourdough walnut bread left.) 

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