Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Adjust focus

Focusing on what you need in your diet and then deciding (as Sandra suggests) what would also satisfy you can be a very effective diet strategy.  The good doctors Oz and Roizen want me to eat 5 servings of vegetables a day.  So, if I start my fitday planning (not just to make note of what I have eaten but what I plan to eat) by entering what I have available to me (most of the time I do know where I need to be during the day.) For example today is what I call a low calorie day.  I cycle my calories.  Some people may see this as extreme, but I never dip below the absolute necessities on any of my macronutrients and it really does work.  It got me out of a nasty 8 month plateau and then another four week plateau.  I keep my carbs to about 60 grams on a low day, calories at least 1200 but up to 1300 and protein at about 120 grams.  I start my calculations with my protein because that tends to provide the most calories.  Then, I add in my favorite good fat sources, olive oil and avocado.  I like to use leafy greens for vegetables because they are inexpensive, pack a nutritional wallop, and are very low in carbohydrate.  I am sensitive to sugars they tend to interfere with my endocrine system.  A serving of leafy greens is a half cup.  I like to make a large salad with 2 cups of greens (spinach or red leaf lettuce) 1/2 an avocado, a tablespoon of cheese and a tablespoon of nuts.  I stick to olive oil and vinegar as dressing, its the cleanest way to make it tasty.  Then with the rest of the calories for my day I add in what treats I really want.  For me that was 1/2 a banana and a home made brownie.  Just one.  Some folks can't do the "just one." but I don't use food to make me feel better or to satisfy hunger.  I use a little bit for enjoyment and 'the party in my mouth' (an idea from IOWL.)  Sweet foods can never satisfy hunger, fix sadness, or really offer comfort.  For me, comfort comes from hot tea, my blankie (still have it! Its huge btw, not little, and I call it my furry because it is furry) and either a good book or an episode of Martha Stewart.  I like crafting.  I find comfort in warm sweaters, new sox, and soft sweat pants.  The problem with using sweets to give yourself comfort is that its like going up to someone getting a hug and then they haul off and knock you down.  For me sweet foods always have a terrible price attached if not eaten with moderation.

Next time you are selecting your comfort food of choice, ask yourself is the dosage going to salve your soul or knock you down the stairs.

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