Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Not the tv show, but rather what numbers on the scale mean to me.  We all have important numbers on the scale.  There are ones that make us smile.  There are ones that make us cry.  And some do both.  There are numbers that I saw as a teen that made me cry out of frustration and embarrasement.  But, now, those same numbers would be something to celebrate.   

As of today I'm holding my own at 176.2.  I have officially lost 80 pounds.  My goal is 46.2 pounds away.  I also have intermediate goals.  

175 would be the 25 pounds below the 200 pound mark.  This is a momentous number for me.
171 would be 85 pounds lost!
170 is the weight I was as a dancer in my teens.  That was me in 9th grade.
168 The weight that made me so very embarrassed at the age of 14.  I had been working so terribly hard at improving my body and it fought me the whole way.  I had not discovered what worked yet.  It also happens to be the weight that drops me below the obesity line.  I have been obese my entire adult life.  It would be nice to change that.  It is also my goal for my birthday on March 14 of this year.
166 would be 90 pounds lost!
161 would be 95 pounds down!
156 would be 100 pounds down.  This is a big deal for me!  I had not realized how long this would take when I started.  What I knew was that I was not willing to get any sicker than I already was, the laughable part is I set out to prove it could not be done.
141 This would be the demarcation from overweight into a healthy weight.  I have not been a healthy weight since I was an undersized toddler.  
130 pounds This is my ultimate goal.  I hope to see this by the end of this year.  And since I plan on continuing at the same rate I have established (even with my plateaus behind me) for the past two years, I know I can do it.  I have the tools, the motivation, and the desire.  That is all it takes to see this goal.  

I suggest creating both long term and interim goals to help pull you along your journey.  I set little goals such as I can get 60 minutes in my target heart range today or I can burn 500 calories on average in all of my workouts today.  Or I set dietary goals like, I can get 120 grams of protein in my diet today to support my muscles repairing themselves.  The treat for me is knowing I set and completed a goal.  It isn't some thing I eat or something I wear (although I have those goals too.) its how I feel about me and how I feel about honoring my commitments.

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