Sunday, February 8, 2009

The AIM idea

My aim has been to lose over 100 pounds.  My starting weight was very high.  I have 47 pounds to go.  I started in February of 2007 with Sandra Ahten's podcast The Reasonable Diet.  The point is that I started in February with a broken foot, I started with minor adjustments to my food intake (measuring/weighing) and doing 15 minutes of walking three times a week and 15 minutes of rapid breath of fire (yoga) once a week.  I have encountered plateaus along the way but I always turn to information to help me out of those.  One plateau was over 8 months.  I finally decided I was going to be the fittest fat person you ever saw.  I bought a heart rate monitor and I discovered Cathe Friedrich.  She is the best fitness instructor that I know(not personally).  I also decided to give a different technique a try.  That technique is calorie cycling.  It seems to work for me.  

Sandra uses aim to describe the three aspects of weight loss.  Aim stands for accountability, information and motivation.  I use fitday, spark, and a paper journal as well as my blog for accountability.  For information, I use magazines, podcasts, books, and television for source material. For emotional support I turned to Eckhart Tolle's A new Earth and I took up yoga.  I also experiment and take detailed notes on what does and does not work.  I weigh and measure my food so I really know what is going on.   Not just a guess.  I also use my heart rate monitor for accountability with my workouts.  It keeps me honest about the duration in my target heart range. For motivation I primarily use the podcasts.  First it was Sandra Ahten's Reasonable Diet, then it was Inside Out Weight loss, and now its The Daily Boost.  I also use Podrunner, and Podrunner intervals as well as "Podcast for Running."  I am not a true runner yet, I wog.  But, someday I would like to be a true runner.  I am really looking forward to that. I even enjoyed listening to The Two Gomers run a half marathon.  They were hilarious, especially in the beginning when they didn't know what they were doing.   They could have named themselves the two goobers.


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Lainie said...

I'm enjoying reading through your blog (I came over from Cathe Nation). It looks like you've come a long way already. I like how you list a ton of resources--very cool.