Thursday, February 12, 2009

Its over!

The hold that food has had on me in the past has well, passed.  I had a brownie this morning, home made, and then had a second one.  Not a huge deal.  This is my high calorie day.  And guess what, I just felt blah.  It was not a romance anymore.  I think removing the sense of naughtiness has removed some of its appeal.  Try that.  Tell yourself you can have anything you want.  And tell yourself that you get to choose how you want to feel.  You know what food does do you.  You know how each food makes you feel.  Before, during and after.  So try that experiment.  No restrictions.  None.  Just honest choosing.  I am choosing to have this sweet taste in my mouth.  I am choosing the stomach ache that comes second.  I am choosing the headache.  I am choosing the growing waistline OR I am choosing something which both tastes good satiates and does not cause gastronomic upset and or weight gain.  The choice is yours.  And if the brownie is the choice own the consequences too.  Choose the consequence first and the taste second.  After all, its not like you've never had it before, is it?

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