Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Today's Songs to run to!

Of course, how could I go for two whole days without a run or posting my songs to run to? I'm still in a chill kind of run mood but I'm also throwing in some pop and a couple of soundtrack. I'm working the one minute intervals, they just make the time fly. Its true, try it!

Today's list, not in any particular order:

1. If I had you by Adam Lambert (confessional listing here.)
2. Violin by Amos Lee (today's free iTune download)
3. 1,000 faces by Randy Montana (see, I like it free.)
4. Ultra Curve by Cosmic Gate
5. Hold it Against me by Britney Spears (another confessional, ear candy at least isn't fattening.)
6. Marilyn by Larsen B
7. 1973 by James Blunt (I like it, so what if I played it on Monday too.)
8. The Game has Changed by Daft Punk from the Tron soundtrack.
9. End of Line by Daft Punk from the Tron soundtrack.

The podcasts:
1. IronBrandon Show 129
2. Running Stupid
3. B-Had Running
4. Fdip262
5. RVR- Epi80

I don't really listen to everything, it depends on my mood.

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