Monday, January 24, 2011

Diet History

I have tried lots of different kinds of diets over the years. It started when I was 11 years old and told how fat I was by all the kids at school. They were so mean. I did the low fat diet and went vegetarian at that time. Then, when I was 19 I went vegan for about two years. I had not wanted to eat meat really. Then when I was 21 years old something in my head snapped. I had a craving for beef. I had the first 6 oz. at a steak house and I annihilated it in about 5 minutes. I have been a meat eater ever since. I eat chicken, beef, fish, and pork. I prefer the meats from Raley's, they have the most consistent and best flavored meats. I prefer Foster Farms unsalted chicken, anything else tends to plump me. That said, I do also eat a wide variety of vegetables, fruits and gluten free grains (in moderation.) I prefer to get my carbs from whole fruits and a little bit of grain. Lately I haven't wanted to eat as much meat. I'm leaning more towards a high healthy fat diet with lots of vegetables rather than a high protein diet. In a way I guess its actually a very clean diet. I do tend to eat more carbs than I should so I watch that closely, using portion control on the carbs.

So, here I am considering reducing my meat intake. Not so much for health but rather to keep my focus on healthy fats as my calorie sources. I'm not a body builder, I'm not focused on rebuilding muscle. I don't need the same level of protein that some people need. So what are your thoughts, if any, on a fairly low carb, high healthy fat, vegetable focused diet?

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