Sunday, January 2, 2011


Have you ever asked yourself a question knowing the answer? For me, life is an answer that I already know. I know that I must fight this body and I must discount the urges my mind is sent to eat things that would only result in feeling worse over time. I know that I must work hard to make a living. I also know that there are things that I enjoy such as running, yoga, and even those really intense Cathe Friedrich videos. I do enjoy some of the healthy food I eat including a good salad, fruit and roast chicken with homemade cranberry sauce. I even enjoy my GF steel cut oatmeal. I don't really like the 'weight loss' feeling and the tiredness that comes with it. I don't really like being where I am but I do know that the alternatives are much worse so I am grateful for what I have. At least I have the knowledge and the answers to my questions. Now, all I have to do is choose which path I'm going to take, the one towards slenderness or the one away from it. Which path are you choosing?

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