Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sunny Days!!!

Keeping the clouds away" Sing it with me now!!! OK, enough of the gradeschool flash backs. It is a super sunny day and I plan to run it away later today. Hey, I rhymed! Sometimes its more than ok to go back and work those early lessons again and to relearn and rediscover things you already know you know but somehow get forgotten in the everyday roar of life. I'm working on the C25k program again. But, hey, you know what? I'm faster now and every time I do those early week intervals I am even stronger because I will push myself to do a hill for just one minute that I can't wrap my brain around doing the whole thing and then I discover I can jog most of it and I might just push myself to run around the next ten steps to finish it. See, it was a mind boggle the whole time.

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