Sunday, January 16, 2011

A week in review

Over the past week I have had three commercial meals, none of which were planned. The best thing to do in those situations is to look at the menu 'calorie count' and choose wisely. I did excellently well on 3/3 meals, I did ok on one dessert. On Wednesday we ate at Coco's which is a chain restaurant that specializes in baked goods and pies in addition to standard American fare. Having read the menu and discovered that their 'no sugar added apple pie' carries a hefty 500 plus calories, I passed on that in favor of the tortilla soup before dinner instead of a dessert after my meal. I am careful the rest of the time to eat clean home made food and to skip a couple of dinners so that I can use those calories at an unexpected meal or on a treat that I make at home. At Denny's I selected a salad and soup at one meal. At the other meal I selected the bbq chicken, substituting the green beans for the mashed potatoes. That is always a good idea. Potatoes aren't necessarily bad for you but the green beans have a lot of nutrition and will keep your hair from falling out. I personally would rather keep the hair on my head where it belongs, under my hat. I did splurge on a single scoop of vanilla ice cream last night. I skipped the dinner bread with both meals. Thats a savings of 300 calories and about 30-60 carbs that I just didn't need.

One of the things you can do to keep everything moving along is to get enough physical activity. This means different things to different people so you really have to adjust to meet your own needs. In my case that means cardio most days of the week and plenty of yoga to cover my strength and flexibility training.

I don't really know how I did. I will know on Tuesday when I have my next weigh in. I'm taking two low calorie days in a row to prepare for that. I will also keep my physical activity high. Today will be some yoga, tomorrow will be a jog and then a stretching session.

Every week is about planning, ducking and weaving when life comes at you and keeping your wits about you when unwanted calories and carbs present themselves, smelling good but promising of a terrible fat hang over the next morning or frankly even in the next minute.

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