Sunday, December 26, 2010

Actually true

Sandra Ahten of The Reasonable Diet Podcast is a great inspiration to me. One of the things that she has said on her podcast that has always stuck with me is: "Don't let your thinking protect your eating." One of the things I have had to learn how to do on this weight loss journey is to differentiate between the truth and what I think. You may think that you can't give up a certain food or habit. You may think that you can't develop a new good habit, such as regular exercise, yoga or adding extra vegetables to your meals. The truth is that is just what you think. The likelihood is that your thought is not actually true. If you take yourself out of the equation and ask is it possible for a person to exercise on a regular basis? Is it possible to squeeze some time out of my week to prevent disease and to relieve stress? If the answer is no, ok. But, if the answer is yes, then the truth is that you don't have the momentum and the habit yet. No one starts before they start. Consider that what you think is not actually true and try giving the truth a chance. You don't have to know that you can, you don't have to feel that you can, all you have to do is put one foot in front of the other.

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