Monday, August 17, 2009

The cheap way to go organic

I have a garden.  I love it.  I get to have tomatoes and peppers.  I had more peppers before the wild rabbits ate the entire plant.  Its trying to grow back.  Its a good thing that I picked them before the bunnies got to it.  I think a dear had some of my roses.  Those are growing back with red leaves, its really neat looking.  

Some people find that eating organic is too expensive.  For me, knowing that the lipids in organic milk are different than in non-organic milk is enough.  I always buy organic milk.  I use it in recipes.  I have not switched to completely organic produce, yet.  I eat vegetables everyday and I guess it would make a difference over time.  I used to know a guy who said that the regular vegetables have less bugs than the organic.  That was my point.  The body needs to have friendly flora and fauna in the gutt.  Its critical to your health.  If you can get to eat something thats alive, so much the better.  

I have not switched to organic eggs yet.  I buy cage free/hormone free/anti-biotic free.  I will switch as soon as I have the capital to do so.  I like the idea that the chickens who make the eggs that I eat are not pissed off because of over crowding.  Sad/mad chickens would have a higher level of stress hormones and I don't need to eat stress hormones, my body makes plenty of it on its own.  I don't need any help in that area.

Someone posted the question, "When is it important to buy organic?"  I said, "When you can afford it."  

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