Thursday, July 23, 2009

One hour at a time

Thats how I'm dealing with everything right now.  I'm outlining my next hour, putting the most critical item at the top of my list and devoting all of my brain power to completing that task or series of tasks.  I think that others probably use this tactic, I'm just not aware of them.  I intend to continue to set my intent (lol!) daily.  I intend to use my gratitude journal to stay in the positive mind set.  I intend to allow myself a 10 minute break (when reasonable) each hour to reassess my progress and re-set my intention for the following hour.  In other words, I will be doing my home work "once/hour."  I will continue to have a 2 hour home work session once a week.  I think that is an incredibly effective tool and I am grateful to Scott and Joi over at motivation to move for suggesting it to me.  Thanks!

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