Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Powered by the Plateau

My year has consisted of a 5 pound weight gain and a steady plateau.  I have not been as good about the eats as I could have.  I believe that it was the little snack here and there of peanut butter cups that did me in.  I have accepted this to be true.  I have decided to let my occasional sweet tooth to go hungry.  Today's eats were very clean.  I need to avoid the nuts, they are very addictive, and I would eat them all day without a thought to the calorie or fat content.  They always prevent me from losing weight.  

I would like to slip into weight loss mode for the rest of the year.  My intent, from here forward until I have reached my goal, is to lose body fat by making my own food, eating only my own food, and moving.  

I read something the other day (perhaps from Dr. Oz) that one needs 40 minutes of cardio per day to maintain a weight loss.  Well, lately, I've not been getting that much time in my target heart rate in each cardio session.  I suspect that the combination of 30 minute workouts and the peanut butter cups (which have hydrogenated oils and create insulin resistance) are the culprit this year.  Also, I did discover that commercial chickens with their antibiotics do have an immediate effect on my waist line, calories were not significant that day.  So, it would appear that the results I had last year doing 60 minutes of jogging 3x a week, adding yoga at night, and doing 3 days of step workouts per week probably makes sense in lieu of the scientific data coming out about how to maintain your waistline.   

I really do want to be naturally slender and at my goal weight.  Now, I do want to do what is genuinely the best thing for me.  I have got to protect myself.  Its crucial.  I must be my own diet coach, diet guru, and cheerleader because in the end, who else do I have?  If not myself?

Todays activity consisted of a 35 minute jog/walk, 22 minutes of stretching, and plenty of household chores.  I ate a bowl of steel cut oatmeal for breakfast, had a very low carb berry/olive oil smoothy, and a bowl of vegetables with olive oil for lunch.  Dinner is chicken drumsticks, maybe some corn (? maybe not? its fresh) and a salad.  

Come on, say it with me, what do you want?  To be free!

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