Wednesday, July 9, 2008

IOWL 2 homework

Dreaming the perfect body:  Cathe Friedrich.  I know I tend to go on about her but I like how she looks and I would like to look like that.    

Life time, life style changes.  I'm used to working out.  I'm even used to not eating the starch side at a restaurant.  

What works?

What do I want to create?
Athletic body, flexibility, and stamina.
10 minute mile.  That would be heaven. . . . I know I put this in the other blog but whatever. . 
I would like to be able to do the splits like when I was a teenager.
Strong sleek slender thighs.

What I want to do instead?

Eat like a normal person who eats clean.
The Future me who has the upgrade.

Thats easy.  Ease with food choices in the supermarket and when I'm eating out.  Ease with cooking and planning the next week's food.  Ease with planning, performing and being flexible with my workout rotations.  Consistently seeing a level 7 or 8 for 60 min 6 or 7 days of the week.  Ease with how I feel about my body in the world.  Ease with being attractive.  Ease with directing my attention where I need it to be and ease with being in the now.  Ease with self promotion and advertising.  Ease with the technical aspect of my job.  

A successful, effective business that I enjoy, am fully competent in, and look forward to everyday.  A plethera of happy well paying clients.  The financial independence that would result from that.  An apt!  To live on my own!  A place with a pool so I could swim!  (we are dreaming here, I'm small enough to be seen in one lol!) A place with a small gym or my own elliptical.  Two bedrooms and a kitchen all my own.  A fridge all my own that I could fill only with carb smart foods that support my health.
A living room that I would keep just for my workout space.  (Do you see my devious plan?)  I would use one room as my home office and the other for my bedroom.  With a little sitting area to read and enjoy my meals next to a window.  A car that has a driver's side window that works! 

Hmm. . . what do I want in my gym space?  A mirror.  My step.  Step friendly flooring.  enough space to do my circuit drills to my heart's content.   A place for my barbell and weights.  Both my high step and original step.  My wish list off the site.  Don't worry its not too extensive.  Mostly cardio and a little resistance training with 4DS.  

My dream life is a simple one.  M-F Workout.  Go to work.  Eat healthy food all day long to keep blood sugar even and PCO at bay.  Come home.  Eat some more.  Play violin/piano/paint.  Do yoga.  Pass out.  lol!  With a big grin on my face!

Sa/Sun Shoot for my own calendars, video podcast, and see my friends from my meetups.  
Sa is long training btw.  
Sun is rest day for workouts.  Just pure bliss.  Sigh.  

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