Sunday, March 29, 2009


I'm swapping out chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips for five minutes of yoga style breathing.  I will be using this for times of stress.  I had an extreme moment on Friday.  That moment induced an egoic response out of myself which I am not entirely proud of however instead of lashing out at the person I was with I ate.  I am creating a behavior modification for that kind of situation.  I will excuse myself.  I will do 5 minutes of yoga style breathing.  1 minute deep breathing.  1 min. Left nostril shut, 1 min. rapid breath of fire, 1 min. right nostril shut, 1 minute deep breathing.  I am hoping that this substitution will have a good effect on my bottom line.  I don't really want the ice cream anymore.  I don't want to use it to help me cope.  I am switching out my coping mechanism.  Out with the chocolate.  In with the yogic style breathing.  

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