Saturday, March 28, 2009

100 Days of Exercise Challenge

I heard about this from Sandra Ahten.  I googled it and found the rules at motivation to move dot com.  They do allow for 1 or 2 days off each week.  I like the idea.  I don't typically have a problem with working out, so in a way this will be easy for me.  I am going to adapt it to include my PM strength/yoga routine because that has been the elusive part of my fitness regime.  So, I'm committing to both my AM and PM goals and I will use the 100 days challenge to my advantage, not just as it has been written for others.

So I will commit to 6 days a week of cardio.  At least two nights of strength (or more.) and 3 nights of yoga.  Night six can be a wild card, dance or some other workout.  I'm not really changing my rotation, I'm just rededicating myself to it.

Rotation for the week of March 30:

S  Circuit DVD
M Hike 2 miles, Wog 20 min.  Abs of Steel 1
T off,  Gary Bromley Yoga
W Hike 2 miles, Wog 20 min. Pyramid UB
T RS (plus risers) Pyramid LB
F Hike 2 miles, Wog 20 min.    Kathy Smith Yoga
Sa SB Yoga Today

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