Thursday, March 12, 2009


Where did that come from????  I ate two pork chops at breakfast.  At lunch, I stopped at a Chinese Buffet.  I was good.  I only had one little cup of egg flour soup.  One plate of shrimp with vegetables and broccoli.  I had three teriyaki chicken skewers. A whole mess of steamed peppered white fish.  For dessert I grabbed 1/2 an orange and one little cup of chocolate ice milk.  Over all not bad.  Later I had 1/4 of a bagel with sesame seeds on it.  

I don't really want to eat out any more.  I only do it for the fish.  My mother has a fish allergy so I don't like to bring it home.  I don't want the oil in the air to cause an allergic reaction.  So far, her reactions have landed her in the hospital for three days.  I'm not willing to risk her life.  I think the sardine solution is a better choice.  It is less expensive.  Also, I can just take it with me and dispose of a can outside.  If I use a plastic fork (I know, not too green) and recycle it thats not a terrible result.  

I'm no longer entertained by commercial food.  Once you understand how sweets effect your body, it is no longer a truly fun thing.  I recognize it now as a quick fix solution.  

Off to my workout.

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