Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Have a ton of protein and no carbohydrate.  They are not expensive.  I got a can of in water sardines for 1.27 (on sale) yesterday at Trader Joe's.  I just ate them with 6 little triscuits.  I could have skipped the crackers.  Good to know.  I think I just found my on the go meal.  I love having fish in my diet.  It fills me up and the calorie load is low too.  Just 170 in the whole can.  Awesome!  And 19 grams of protein, again, awesome.  I think that a can of sardines, a fork, maybe a string cheese and an avocado would be a perfect lunch.  I'm holding my own at 176.4.  I'm working on keeping my carbs at about 60 grams a day.  And, I'm working on bumping up the protein.  I have a rice protein powder which is ok.  It doesn't taste good but it doesn't make me gag either.  

Happy slimming everyone!  Its nearly spring!

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