Friday, March 27, 2009

Ice cream

Milk.  Yogurt.  All are dairy products and I'm considering giving them up for a little while.  My milk is used up.  I do have some yogurt left.  Its organic, whole milk, plain yogurt.  I'm switching from that probiotic source to just a probiotic pill.  That will lower my sugar intake which is always a good thing.  I am keeping the grapefruit in my diet per Sandra Ahten's suggestion.  I tried adding an apple into my diet yesterday.  I am also going back to calorie cycling because that seems to work for me.  Yesterday was my first low calorie day.  I will have another low calorie day today.  I stopped eating at 2 pm.  I had a home made chili which was soooo good and filling that I did not need more than one cup.  Its time to put into practice all of my weight shifting skills.  Its time to up my cardio to a blistering 60 minutes in my THR six times per week, use my yoga three nights a week, my strength training two nights a week, and my journal for soul reassurance.  Its time to keep my protein to 100 grams per day, my carbs to just 60 grams per day, and to eliminate what always causes weight gain (ice cream, cookies, cake, bread, potatoes, and fried chicken.)  Its time to be focused.  My goal is to now perform each step to the fullest without fail and to allow the weight to fall where it will.  

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