Monday, April 27, 2009

In the trenches again

I put on a couple of pounds with my cycle.  It is slowly coming off.  I love to post about my rotations.  The funny part is, that lately I haven't been following them.  

Still, here is this week's rotation, which I have modified several times already, 

M 30 min. Walk/Run. Yoga
W Week 4 Walk/Run couch to 5k program.
F Week 4 Walk/Run couch to 5k program
Sa Imax, Yoga

I am sticking to my low/high calorie cycles.  That seems to work best.  For a while I deviated from my pre-workout snack of an egg, I don't think that worked for me.  I'm going back to my egg snacks.  Also, last week I was haphazard about my breakfast too.  I don't think that helped.  

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