Saturday, April 4, 2009

Five things that always create weight loss.

I have learned the secrets to weight loss.  I was listening to a fitness podcast and on that podcast they suggested writing down the five things that you can do that you know lead to weight loss.

For me, they are  (in the following order.)

1. Follow my eating plan. (low carb, calorie cycle, higher protein, lots of good fats, no HFCS, no caffeine,)
2. Practice yoga 3x a week. (in the evening before bed.)
3. Do cardio 5 to 6x a week.  (in the morning first thing.)
4. Strength training 2x a week. (Either a circuit wo or split)
5. Track my progress. (blogs, forums, fitday)

If I do this, without fail, I lose weight.  For me number six would be use podcasts for additional ideas, inspiration and motivation.  The trick is not hearing the cookies, ice cream, fried chicken, white rice, bread, or brownies call my name.

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