Wednesday, February 23, 2011

AM Exercise

on an empty stomach used to be something I did all the time. I did it because it was convenient and fit easily into my day. I did it because then my exercise, the hardest part about my day was finished before I even began. I got out of this habit last fall when temperatures fell in the AM to below freezing. I wanted to run when it was warmer. My weight at that time plateaued even though I was eating the right amount of calories (my bmr) and getting a deficit through my cardio workouts. My weight didn't budge a pound. I was really frustrated. In January of this year I started cycling my calories again. I saw a small loss in January of 2 pounds. In February, I put that back on and have recently starting losing again. What was I doing differently? I started exercising first thing in the morning and I added back in one of Cathe Friedrich's Stretch Max workouts after my runs.

According to Dr. Jonny Bowden, the AM exercise on an empty stomach might have been the thing that did it. Here is a link to an article that he has written on the subject. I learned about this from Jimmy Moore of the Livin' La Vida Low Carb show. Jimmy is seeing a significant amount of progress from yoga, strength training, low carb intermittent fasting and exercising on an empty stomach. I'm inspired!

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