Monday, October 25, 2010


without eating.

This morning I experienced car trouble. This was a stressful situation for me because I have had my car for 10 years and I had gotten used to not having a car payment. The prospect of putting the blind fold on and shooting my car between the headlights did not thrill me either.

I opened the freezer, looking for ice cream. I was not hungry. It was not my cheat day. I closed the freezer, saying out loud, "Ice cream won't help me fix my car." Just walk away.

But, here is the thing, even though I am not eating the ice cream my little self on my sleeves needs soothing. I need to soothe myself without eating.

I am so tired of interruptions. My life is not horrible. But, interruptions always seem so jarring. Why is that? idk.

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