Thursday, October 14, 2010


I am inexorably tied to my workout gear. Just two days ago my Polar F4 announced that it had a low battery, I being the frugal individual that I am have successfully taken it apart, purchased the replacement battery and am prepared to replace it today. This only interrupted my workout rotation by one day. I know, I could have run without it, but I just shifted my rest day around. No harm, no foul. This got me thinking about the gear that I find to be essential for a good, effective workout.

I use my ipod three times a week. My ear hugging ear buds are a non-negotiable. Running podcasts and a great playlist are always along for the ride. I almost always wear my heart rate monitor for cardio. This helps me stay in my zone by being able to see when my heart rate dips too low. It also keeps me from working for too long in the anaerobic zone. I always wear a good pair of shoes, bra and socks. I need my workout mat everyday for stretching time and 3 times a week for yoga.

What do you find to be essential for a good workout?

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