Friday, November 19, 2010

New Target Heart Rate

I'm linking back to another bloggers post on the subject of THR. I have never really found a correlation between my heart rate and how I feel. Do you remember back when we used the exertion scale? 1-10? Aiming for a level of 7-8 for aerobic exercise? I have purchased and used my Polar heart rate monitor for two years now. Its illuminating because I discovered that there are times when I feel fine at 170 beats per minute and times when I feel tired at 150 beats per minute. Go figure. Apparently, the old equation was for men, not women. Any-who-dy-hoo-hoo, according to this my heart rate zones should be as follows:

206-(.88*my age)= max.
206-28.1= about 177
70 percent= 124
80 percent= 142
85 percent= 150

I had been aiming for 185 at my top which would be 96% of max. I normally see my peaks during interval style workouts, either jog/walking or Cathe Friedrich Imax workouts. I rarely feel great when I'm in the warm up, I usually feel fine about 2/3 of my workouts.

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