Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The next two weeks

I always give myself two weeks after a vacation before I do a weigh in. My plan is to aim for 30 grams of carbohydrates, eat plenty of vegetables, fats, and some protein. Also, as soon as I can, I will add back in some walking (ankle permitting) and low intensity yoga. I love having some lime juice in my water, very dilute, its very refreshing. Eggs are a daily treat when watching your carbs. I like them scrambled, or as a quiche. Also, I love squash, green beans or Asian cabbage with a little wheat free soy sauce sauteed in coconut oil. Avocados make a salad scrumptious and very nutritious. Jicama is very satisfying, refreshing and low in carbohydrate.

I have been really smart. I haven't had any of those ice cream cones, fried mushrooms or fried zuchinnini. I have avoided the coconut bars. I have also been listening to my body, when I'm not hungry anymore, I stop eating. It is a great tool and can prevent discomfort from over eating tasty food beyond the capacity of your stomach. After all, won't there be food later? If it was so great, couldn't you make it again later? If not, maybe that was as much as you should have.

Life is best when you respect your body on so many levels. Sleep is necessary. Nourishment in the form of food and drink are necessary. Sunlight is usually necessary, either the natural way or with sun lamps. Movement including cardiovascular, strength training, and flexibility training are integral parts of a healthy lifestyle. Maintaining your mental health is also important to your body. Spiritual health matters too. I use my yoga practice to satisfy much of that need. In college I did not respect my body, I ate poorly, I rarely slept, I stressed over grades and a job I was not really suited to, I let people walk on me. Also, having friendships and people that you interact with is also important. Being isolated takes a toll on your body. When any part of your life is contracted and like a pair of shoes which is one size too small, it takes its toll on your body.

Being reasonable about how much time you really have is crucial to how well you live your life. You must pick and choose which battle you want to fight first. The ideas that Eckhart Tolle has written about in "The Power of Now" and "A new Earth" are very helpful. Also, learning to set aside ideas for another time is helpful. If you are thinking about what you are doing at the time, you are much more likely to be productive and effective than if your mind is divided.

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