Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall 2011

Here is my plan, its pretty much more of the same, I just like to reiterate:

1. Journal include:

A. Daily body weigh in
B. Food intake
C. How I felt, any issues to be released using the Renee Method.

2. Weekly WRAP a la Sandra Ahten.

A. Identify potential challenges
B. Create a workout rotation
C. Select my zig zag meals
D. Plan my meals
E. Printout my plan and post it inside my bedroom door next to the calendar.

3. Sundays: Grocery shop.
Pre cut my vegetables.
Pre measure snacks into snack baggies, including nuts, pretzels, dark chocolate.
Batch cook: steel cut oats, quinoa, boil some eggs, lentils, a tomato soup or a chili.

Set the alarm.

Laundry: including your workout clothes be sure you have all 5 outfits washed.
Also, get your tops ironed and nice clothes ready too.

Its not so bad when your plan includes a plan for how to get it done.

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