Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Two Gomers Sub Five Strive

Hello everybody, I just want to take a moment to comment on the less than satisfactory (to them) performance on this last marathon that the Gomers ran recently. They had a mixed experience including good miles and some very difficult miles. There were hills designed for Sisyphus and there was heat and humidity. All of those things in conjunction with a couple of injuries conspired against them. Their time was not anywhere near their goal of sub five.

However, they did make a PR of 8 minutes faster than their last marathon. I really do believe that was an accomplishment that they have every reason to be proud of. Life and races can be unexpectedly hard. In a race where no one met their goals, the Gomers actually improved over last year's performance!!! This is time to celebrate. I truly hope that the Gomers choose to train for their next marathon and that they don't give up the sport. If they stick to the right shoes, select a course that is not known for horrendous hills, and select a fall marathon, they will have a much better experience. The Gomers have proven, time and time again, that they are capable, disciplined, and tougher than they look. They can do this. They can continue to improve. They might need more than a 20 week training program; maybe the training season needs to be closer to 24 weeks. I know that it takes me longer to feel truly prepared for a major challenge.

The Gomers have the sub five marathon in them. They need a break to do some cross training and to heal. After that, if they come back at it, they will find that they are that much stronger because of this challenge. Their next victory will be that much sweeter because of this experience.

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